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tl;dr: Caliborn’s Juju has massive potential, but he gave it away to Jake, who also has massive potential, with the intention of letting Jake beat him in order to possess Jake’s body afterwards. The Lord and Muse classes both deal with creation and destruction; Caliborn will create (or already has created) himself in order to destroy pre-scratch Calliope (see Endgame - Knight to D6), while Jane will pair her UrobUros with Jake’s uROBuROS, creating UROBUROS, a weapon of massive potential that Jake unlocks to do something bad to Lord English, possibly the first of three deaths or tragedies. Boss battles always have three stages, and the second and third will be Lord English again, now possessing Jake’s body, and Jane Crocker as an immortal, God Tier Bard of Doom (more essential BYB reading), although I’m not sure about the order. Calliope will destroy herself (sacrifice) to create a new reality free from Paradox Space and therefore from LE’s influence.

You can tell it’s gonna be a big read when the tl;dr is a whole paragraph. Sorry about that.

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of anything cyclical, and is commonly depicted as a snake eating its own tail. The fist thing to note is that we’ve already seen a snake somewhere in Homestuck, and that’s in Ophiuchus and Aesculapius, the Serpent Bearer and the Ancient Greek God of Healing. They are, respectively, represented by Caliborn’s and Calliope’s symbols. I’ll come back to this link in a sec.

The Ouroboros is also sometimes used as a representation of the Magnus Opus (the Great Work), or:

'the creation of man by himself, the full and entire conquest of his facilities and his future; it is especially the perfect emancipation of his will' (Eliphas Levi).

Uu EDIT: The Magnus Opus is also used to describe the creation of reality. In this sense, it could refer to Calliope’s destiny as the Muse of Space: to Embody (like Bilious Slick, but on a larger scale) a new reality, free from the Paradox Space of Sburb.

I bolded a few words there, because that sentence is virtually a biography of what Caliborn is trying to do (assuming that he is solely Lord English). This is all well and good, because it’s Caliborn’s Juju - one would expect it to relate to him. However, he’s just given it away to Jake, presumably because ‘WHAT THEY DO INDIVIDUALLY. PALES IN COMPARISON TO WHAT THEY CAN DO TOGETHER.’ We can extrapolate from this that (possibly unlike normal Jujus) Caliborn’s Juju has the potential to be massively powerful when paired with Calliope’s (my bet is that hers is called UrobUros, but it could be anything I guess. Even if Jake typed this in by accident ), but isn’t all that great on its own.

Wait a minute. Potential? We know that the Page class is ALL ABOUT Potential, and, according to BYB, Hope is about the 'unlimited possibility sourced in belief'. It’s safe to derive, then, that Jake, as a Page of Hope, will potentially turn out to be a master of potential. Whether that means he’ll unlock the secrets of UROBUROS (case-sensitive) without the need for Calliope’s half or he’ll actually manage to acquire UrobUros somehow, I don’t know, but I have a strong suspicion that the Juju will be key in Jake finding his power, much like Dave’s Timetables or Roxy’s new Ring. As Doc scratch told Rose about her ‘magic’ wands, Jake might realise his Hope powers and channel them through UROBUROS.

Caliborn reminds me of a petulant child, and his trading his old Juju (with a potential for power later) for a new one (with a promise for power sooner) reminds me of the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. There have been a few iterations of it, but the easiest way to describe it is that kids were told they could have more marshmallows after a set time if they didn’t eat the mallow in front of them on a plate without anyone watching them. Caliborn seems like the kind of test subject who’d nibble the marshmallow and try to make it look like he didn’t eat any, then whine at and insult the experimenter when it turns out they were watching him and he can’t have the reward mallow. As a Lord of Time, I think it’s possible he’s gonna try and accelerate Jake’s growth as a Page of Hope by cutting corners somehow.

Now, back to Ophiuchus and Aesculapius.

Before I start though, it might be worth noting that Aesculapius was the Son of Apollo and Coronis. However, Coronis was unfaithful to Apollo during her pregnancy and Apollo’s crow (at this point in time white) that was meant to be reporting on Coronis’ actions failed to report that. As punishment, Apollo tainted all crows’ feathers and turned them black. Some Davesprite-y stuff there maybe?

Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, is depicted as a man wrestling an enormous snake (or a U with a squiggle line), and the rod of Aesculapius is depicted as a staff with a single snake entwined around it, also a symbol of health and healing. The version of Aesculapius with two snakes is actually a Caduceus, a traditional symbol of Hermes. I’m not sure whether that ambiguity has anything to do here, but I’m mostly concerned with Aesculapius’ death.

Aesculapius resurrected Hippolytus (Phaedra revealed her love for him and he reacted with such revulsion that she killed herself and claimed he’d tried to rape her. His father believed this and killed him), but Zeus punished Aesculapius by killing him, placing his body in the stars as the constellation Ophiuchus. However, Aesculapius was supposedly later resurrected as a God.

Hippolytus means ‘Unleasher of Horses’. If we assume this refers to the alpha kids, this has to refer to Dirk. We did see rather a lot of robotic Maplehooves recently. However, in the following passage it doesn’t work if Hippolytus only refers to Dirk, so I’m taking a bit of artistic license here and saying that the horses do indeed belong to Dirk, but Hippolytus himself is in this case Jake.

Ok, so if we take the important parts and replace the names with some different ones, we get (and please keep in mind this is pure speculation):

Jane reveals her crush on Jake. Jake reacts badly and, along with some other shit, this causes Jane to jump off a cliff on LOCAH and presumably commit suicide (life-y thing reflex, she’ll be fine). Jake dies somehow (the only logical thing to put here I could think of was Caliborn, but that just doesn’t make sense), and Calliope finds him and puts him on his quest bed, at which point she reveals that a dream self isn’t always necessary for ascension to the God Tiers. This reveals her location to either Caliborn or Lord English, though, who kills her. Roxy remembers Calliope telling her about the alternate universe where Calliope took full control of Uu’s body, and eventually finds her, bringing the God Tier Muse of Space into this reality to face Lord English with Jake’s now stupidly powerful help after giving him her half of the Juju (I see no reason why her half from the alternate universe couldn’t be the true version of that Juju. Not yet, at least).

JAKE EDIT: In the myth, Hippolytus is killed by a herd of horses, like that stampede death scene in the Lion King, so if the story does follow this mythos (which I’ll be honest isn’t all that likely) then those Robot Maplehooves may be the cause. As for what causes them to do it, look at the symbol on their flanks. Aside from Equius’ symbol we have AR. This isn’t the same iteration that will eventually become Doc Scratch, but the Doc Scratch AR would presumably be able to control something its alternate self created. It just depends on whether Caliborn has alchemized Doc Scratch by this point (he’s got Lil’ Cal, Lil’ Seb (who presumably has a version of AR programmed into him) and an orb of some sort (if anyone would like to clarify that for me I’d be very grateful); he’s just missing a cue ball).

JUJU EDIT: Ok, my bad, Calliope already gave Jane her Juju.

Well, there’s rather a lot of speculation there, but what the hell. If anyone has anything to add/correct/dismiss then I’d be happy to chat here or on Pesterchum or Skype.

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