Ok, ignore my last Uu post, I was excited by the update, and ignore my God Tier Title chart because we now know that there are more than 12 titles, which I kind of suspected anyway. Onto my pseudo title for this post:

In which I talk about Uu, Lord English and romance, specifically uu’s name and Lord English’s beginning. It’s quite a read as well, sorry about that. Spoilers ahoy.

I’ll just preface the actual post with something that makes more sense now. Humans are capable of only red romance, or love for humans and pity for trolls, but some fetishise black romance (bdsm etc). It would make sense, therefore, that some members of a species only capable of black romance, or contempt for cherubs and hate for trolls, would fetishise red romance (cherubs). This is why uu gets so hot and bothered about holding hands and general signs of ~affection~.

Now. Theory time. Come on, grab your friends. We’ll go to very distant lands. Wait, what? Sorry.

UU, or Calliope, is the Muse of Space, the strongest passive class available.

Despite what I suspected earlier, uu’s title is most likely going to be Lord of Time, which sounds pretty well-fitting as the most powerful active class and pretty obviously because of Lord English’s name.

Also, I’ll just note that uu’s chumhandle is undyingUmbrage. An umbrage is an annoyance or generally something negative, and can also mean shade or shadow or generally something dark. Undying is self explanatory.

I still hold that Tavrisprite is a precursor for two distinct personalities being prototyped into one kernel, and that Jadesprite is a precursor of what happens when a multi-prototyped sprite ascends to God Tier (namely, features of both of the prototyped entities are present). We’ve also already seen what happens when Lil Cal gets prototyped, although it was in a doomed timeline. Also, uu seems convinced that Cal is a Juju, a very bad omen.

I think Lil Cal and uu’s dead dreamself (maybe Calliope’s as well? I’m not convinced on that though) both get prototyped onto the same sprite (either one of the alpha kids’ sprites or maybe even UU or uu’s sprite), uu dies on his questbed, and just like Jadesprite ascended to Godhood with all the powers of Bec, uu will ascend to become the God Tier Lord of Time with all of the bad luck and negativity associated with Lil Cal, turning him into Lord English.

I think another ingredient to this prototyping will be something to do with pool. Maybe uu is blinded (as well as losing a leg) before ascending and the pool manifests itself as his eyes and pool cue peg leg. Also, does anyone know the origins of the Felt? Maybe they’re just another species in the trolls’ universe, but they all have innate time manipulating abilities. And how does Snowball link herself to that universe? Maybe she has some outside help from a certain Muse of Space in an attempt to destroy the universe containing LE and thereby destroy him? Although its destruction is what ushered LE into the universe. Another shitty twist from uu, perhaps?

I’m also trying to work out how Lord English inherits the name English from Jake. I really hope all of the LE connotations Jake has aren’t red herrings. Maybe Jake’s now dead dreamself is prototyped onto the same sprite as uu and Lil Cal. I honestly don’t know yet.

Now, onto uu’s name.

If all of the kids have four letter names, and all of the trolls have six letter names, I think it’s safe to assume that uu will have eight letters in his name, like Calliope. I did a bit of research into Greek Mythology and found what I believe to be a likely contender:


Let me tell you about Thamyris. He was a singer who boasted that his skill could rival and even best that of the Muses, and he was always depicted with a broken lyre. Now, uu isn’t a singer, but he does try to display superiority to Calliope even though she has superior artistic skills, and I think the broken lyre is a metaphor in this case for uu’s complete lack of any artistic skills whatsoever. The interesting part though, is that he competed against the Muses and lost (he and Calliope are playing their own game against each other). His forfeit? He was blinded. That fits in pretty neatly with my theory that LE will be blinded and have his eyes replaced with pool balls during prototyping/ascension.

All of this will probably turn out to be wrong. Meh.

I’ll also be on Pesterchum for about an hour if you want to contact me about it, acoustechChronos.

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